Clothes – Essential
Regular synthetic underwear x 7
Long thermal underwear bottoms
Full length hiking pants
Hiking shorts
Long thermal underwear top
Long-sleeved synthetic top
Short-sleeved synthetic t-shirts x 2
Medium-weight fleece jacket
Sun hat with brim
Woolly hat
Water and windproof parka jacket
Waterproof gloves
Synthetic hiking socks x 7 – Amazon
Sturdy and supportive waterproof trekking boots
Optional extras
Camp booties
Waterproof pants
Fleece pants for camp
Athletics socks for camp and town
Casual city clothes
Casual shoes
Tactical Belt with turn signals
Combined shampoo/conditioner
Sunblock (SPF 15 or higher)
High factor sunblock lip balm
Insect repellent
Travel towel
Deodorant spray or wipes
Hiking/Backpacking Kit
~60l Backpacking Pack
Pack Cover
~30-40l Day Pack
Water Filtration Kit/Sanitizing Supplies (1 Per Group)
Heavy-duty one litre capacity water bottle x 2
Small flashlight/Headlamp
Secondary Headlmp
Spare Battery
Plastic bags for wet clothing
Multi-tool knife
Ground Pad
Sleeping pad
Whistle + Signalling Mirror
20° Sleeping bag
Mess kit (including pan, cup, plate, knife, fork and spoon)
Jetboil or Equivalent
Stove Fuel
Waterproof Matches/Firestarter
Toilet paper
Nylon Cord/Paracord
Hand Warmers
Hammock w/Straps
Carabiners (For hanging hammock etc)
Optional extras:
Hiking poles
Small locks for luggage/bags
Polar liner for sleeping bag
Wet wipes
Safety pins
Multifunction watch w/Altimeter
Ice Axe – Self Arrest
SPOT GPS Tracker
Spare Batteries – AAA Lithium
Small selection of favourite hiking snacks
Mountain House Freeze Dried Meals
Individual bags of oatmeal mixed with milk powder x 6
Individual bags of pasta / rice / noodles / couscous / mashed potato x 6
Stock cubes / instant packet soup x 6
Tortilla wraps for 7 days
Tuna in sachets for 7 days
Peanut butter in sachets for 7 days
Fruit, dried fruit, nuts for 7 days (buy on arrival in Chile)
Jerky or veggie jerky for 7 days
Candy for 7 days
Tea bags / instant coffee sachets / hot chocolate sachets
Travel Items
Headphones – Wireless
Headphones – Wired
Battery Backup x2
Predownloaded Media (eBooks, Netflix offline, Movies etc)
Travel Pillow, Eyeshade, Ear Plugs
Airplane bottles alcohol
Medical – Group Supplies – Ryan's Department
Over-the-counter painkillers
Over-the-counter anti-inflammatories
Over-the-counter diarrhea treatment
Band aids
Blister plasters
Knee braces
Personal medication
Other extras
Camera with spare memory/lenses
GoPro/Action Cam
60" Tripod
Travel Tripod
Camera charger
Phone charger
Electrical adapter
Mini sewing kit
Duct tape
Pack of playing cards
Travel insurance details
Plane tickets
US Dollars or Chilean Pesos
List of useful phone numbers (tour operators, hotels, etc.)
Detailed topographical maps
Campsite / refugio / hotel booking confirmation print outs
Things to do before you leave
Check visa / reciprocity fee requirements for all countries on your trip for your nationality
Notify your bank and credit card providers (so they don’t block your cards)
Ensure your travel insurance covers hiking up to 900 metres above sea level
Check and activate your phone’s roaming plan
Check your camera and flashlight batteries
Leave a copy of your itinerary, passport and insurance details with a friend
Know your baggage allowance for international and national flights
Advise airlines and accommodation of special dietary requirements