Switztoberfest 2018

“Switztoberfest 2018”

3 Friends, 9  days, 4 countries, and 0 foreign language skills


Starting with a drive to Boston, we head direct from Logan International Airport to Reykjavík–Keflavík Airport. Once in Iceland we’ll be picking up a Land Rover Discovery for a day of Icelandic exploration on the western peninsula. Our day in Iceland will lead us to Snaefellsjoekull National Park, Kirkjufellsfoss, Krónan, and other magical places we can’t pronounce.


After a day in Iceland, we’ll be back on an airplane and headed for Geneva in Switzerland where we’ll immediately hop in our rental and set course for Munch Germany for a few days at Oktoberfest.


Once we’ve consumed all of the beer in Germany, we’ll head back to Switzerland, staying a night in Zurich, and touring through the Swiss Alps until reaching Geneva to finish out the last few days of our trip in the French and Swiss Alps of the region.